Howdy Grillhouse, Kuching

While I was in Malaysia for a couple of months, every now and then I started missing a good steak or simply some good ol’ Western food. Howdy Grillhouse was my go-to place to fix these cravings. The steak I had was very good, and gave me a good taste of home (Melbourne) but the star of this place is actually the fried chicken wings… lol. I don’t know, maybe I was being completely Asian and thought I paid too much money for that steak and should have just waited until I was back in Australia to cook myself a decent steak that doesn’t cost as much.. but the chicken wings were so much cheaper in comparison to that steak, and so much tastier and more satisfying haha.

Overall though, I loved every meal I had at Howdy Grillhouse. The pork ribs were amazingly tender and the salads were pretty good too! Western food in Asian countries tend to be pricey (compared to other local foods) so it was a rare treat for me while I was there. Still went back to Howdy twice though, hehe.

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