Product Review: Lee Fah Mee Sarawak Laksa Instant Noodles

Featured Image Photo Credit:

If you’re a fan of Sarawak Laksa, you will be pleased to know that Lee Fah Mee has pretty much perfected the art of re-creating an instant version of Sarawak Laksa that you can quite conveniently make at home. With the right “pimped up” ingredients, you can legit make laksa just as good as the ones from the “kopitiam”. I was actually so amazed by this product that I dedicated almost an entire suitcase to just transporting a whole box of these packs home.. from Kuching to Melbourne!

This photo is the actual version my dad cooked for me back in Kuching. The one at the very top is NOT mine, and full credit and links were given to the original photographer. All the photos on this website are 98% mine, but occasionally I would use a free stock photo or someone else has done a far better job at doing the product justice so I would much rather display it their way but definitely give them photo credit. I try and be super transparent, so whenever I use someone else’s photo or get paid to write a Sponsored Post, I will always give full disclosure in my posts.

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