81 Bistro and Taphouse, Berwick

EightyOne has truly embraced the concept of tapas (small plates) and booze, perfect for the weekend Berwick-ians who wish to let loose and party on any weekend. This restaurant / bar, located at the corner of Berwick High Street, right at the top end of the street, has been through a lot of management changes over the past couple of decades (trust me, I have been to all the restaurants that location used to be.. lol). By far, this version of EightyOne is probably the best use of its space. Rustic, charming, and spacious in a long way, not a wide way. Haha you know what I’m talking about? It’s a long room, not a wide room? Never mind.. I am rambling.

Here, borrowed a picture from their Instagram page to show you what I’m talking about lol. Anyway, we were there recently and the back area now has its own second bar and they have this beautiful outdoor dining area too with nice fake grass and plants etc (probably thanks to Covid regulations recently, encouraging outdoor dining). We definitely enjoy the vibe of this place, and on weekends they also offer live music entertainment… which I also happen to have experienced sometimes before Covid happened, it was a fun boozy night… hehe. Overall, EightyOne is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun night out with friends on a weekend. I definitely would want to see MORE food items on the tapas menu, and maybe a few items that are a bit more creative that your usual croquettes. There’s definitely room for improvement in terms of the food, but everything else they seem to have nailed!

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