Piatella Cafe Bar, Glen Waverley

If you love modern Australian food with a European/Greek influence, Piatella is it. This cafe / restaurant offers so much more than just great coffee and cafe food. Its menu is so extensive, and the food is so good! Wholesome, satisfying, delicious and perfect for big gatherings. From a delicious range of smoked bbq meats to impressive seafood platters, there’s just so much food to enjoy and share around a big table.

The desserts are decadent and extremely indulgent. Piatella does great waffles and crepes, with plenty of flavours to choose from, and they also have a whole display window full of delicious cakes and my personal favourite, the butterbing cookies. We got these desserts as takeaway, as we were already very full, and had our desserts in our hotel room during a mother’s weekend away.

If all that is not enough, they also do yummy cocktails! So, basically they do everything. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and late night desserts.. all that and drinks in between. The vibe is usually always pretty buzzing and busy, which is not surprising since they offer so much and located right at the heart of the busy Kingsway in Glen Waverley.

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