Shanghai Red, Chadstone

I think it’s no secret by now that Chadstone is home to a lot of wonderful restaurant and food options, especially for those who live in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and want access to good food without venturing all the way into the city. I’ve been to Shanghai Red a few times now, mostly with people from work, and every visit so far has been so good. The quality of Chinese food served here is pretty authentic, and very close to what I would get from legit Chinese restaurants in Malaysia.. so that says a lot!

They have an incredible variety of dishes, and very well known for their quality dumplings. My favourites though are definitely their cold poached chicken, the poached fish fillet, the sweet and sour barramundi was absolutely amazing and their cold tofu dish served with my ultimate favourite, century egg or preserved duck eggs. At the end of the day, they nail every dish. I have not had a single dish here that wasn’t packed full of flavour and utterly satisfying. Shanghai Red just serves restaurant quality, and truly comforting and delicious Chinese food. And that’s pretty much it!

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