Quarantine Hotel: Intercontinental Perth City Centre

At the end of October, 2020 – I made my way from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur to Perth. Before I could even do anything or proceed home to Melbourne, I had to complete a mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine in Perth. I was placed at Intercontinental Perth City Centre, right at the heart of Perth CBD. The room itself is comfortable, but definitely very small and confined for me to be stuck in for two whole weeks, but I cannot complain. It was modern, clean and I had very good sleeps on that bed. The food was reasonable, and I could order whatever my heart desired via food delivery services such as Uber Eats. I was also spoilt by friends who sent me care packages, food and bubble tea.

My favourite part of the hotel room was actually the bathroom. I loved its modern design and that shower was absolute bliss! I was really hoping for a bathtub this time around, but I was pretty happy with that shower!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a view from my hotel room. I was directly facing a WALL the entire time, but I stayed positive and made the most of my “me time” before returning home to my chaotic life as a mother of two young children.

I posted a lot more content on my Instagram Stories Highlights, but here are just some of the photos from my stories (I can’t upload videos on my blog because I am not on a Business paid subscription.. come on, WordPress.. I know you want to make money, but paying $400 per year just so I can post videos on my site? No thanks..) Sorry if I got some of the order of photos wrong, it’s so tricky to re-arrange them after I re-download the photos off Instagram and then upload on here! Wish I can just magically embed my entire Instagram Stories Highlight on WordPress.. I know there is a plugin for it, but again, can’t do it without Upgrading my WordPress plan.. grr 🙄

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