Little Ratoons, Berwick

I finally had the chance to check out Little Ratoons in Berwick last week. These guys are fairly new in the area, and they are a little different. They are basically a degustation style tapas bar with a menu that changes every two weeks.. pretty crazy, right?! Personally, I love it. I am always open to trying new things and because I love all food in general.. I also tend to be less fussy about what’s presented in front of me. Wait, let me just clarify that.. AS LONG AS IT’S NOT COMPLETELY VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN… lol. I need my protein in every meal! Yes, that’s my only rule when it comes to feeding me, hehe.

So on the night, myself and two other friends 5-courses to share and something sweet to finish for $55pp. I was pretty happy with everything. The eggplant chips were particularly delicious and well seasoned, the pasta came with generous serves of seafood, the cauliflower fritter was tasty, and the chutney that came with it complimented the fritter nicely, and the salmon was beautifully cooked and again, very important, well seasoned. The churros was a nice finish, crusty and crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. A lot “gooey-er” than your typical churros but I like it!!

Please note that all the photos of the food are portions to share between 3 people.. don’t freak out. They are not individual gigantic serves. I am definitely looking forward to an excuse to go back again soon, knowing the dishes will be completely different next time around. It’s quite exciting!

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