Northern Git, Thornbury

Just before we went into our 5th lockdown in Melbourne, hubby and I managed to sneak one last night out with a couple of friends to celebrate their combined birthdays. We went out to dinner at the Northern Git, also known as “The Git”, and it was just a truly good experience!

The menu itself looked pretty good, and I honestly wanted to try everything – which was why I decided that I couldn’t decide, so we all just went for the Chef’s Banquet Menu. For $75 per person, we were very pleased with all the dishes that came out (it was a 5-course meal) and I personally thought not only was everything absolutely delicious, the portions were also spot on. I was FULL by the end of it, and satisfied, and happy. Yay!

We started with their delicious duck rillette, and I have to say, those house pickles were amazing! The tangy fresh flavours contrasted perfectly with the more fatty duck, and together they simply created a taste explosion in your mouth. So good! The mushroom and goat’s cheese croquettes were delicious too.

Then came the twice baked four cheese souffle, with walnuts, grapes, vincotto. The souffle was so light and fluffy, yet deliciously cheesy and rich all at the same time. Once again, great flavour combination and got my tastebuds tingling and eager for more food hehe.

When done right, black pudding can be one of the most exquisite things you can eat and really enjoy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Northern Git’s Black Pudding gets my two thumbs up. Absolutely delicious! The texture is perfect, a nice balance of slightly grainy and slightly fatty and just so well made. Paired with the cauliflower puree, crispy onion, and chive – delicious!

I got so excited when they placed this beautiful plate of red meat in front of me… The Git’s grass fed beef, aged in house for a minimum of 80 days, is absolutely to-die-for. I am struggling to find words to express my appreciation for this meat lol so I will just let my photo above do all the talking. It’s just SO GOOD!!!

And finally, what an amazing way to finish our meal – the dessert share plate. Delicious, hot and fluffy cinnamon doughnuts, creme brulee, chocolate, hazelnut, ice cream and sorbet.. what more can you ask for?! It was a truly delightful end to our meal and then I went into food coma and simply hibernated at home for two weeks during lockdown… hehe. Now that we are out of lockdown again, I wonder, where to next?

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