Herd Bar and Grill, Healesville

We absolutely love love LOVED everything about Herd Bar and Grill in Healesville. Amazing food, amazing cocktails, great service and absolutely great vibes too. Our dinner was quick, because we were looking forward to just checking into our cottage and relaxing – but it was an absolutely amazing experience. Highly recommend anyone visiting Healesville to check this place out!

We kicked off our meal with a couple of delicious cocktails, followed by our incredible meal which includes the Grazing Plate (with roast macadamias, smoked Buxton trout, pork and shitake mushroom yakitori and salt and pepper chicken ribs – ALL SO GOOD!), eggplant chips (which were excellent, by the way) and the haloumi burger. The food was just spectacular, even the haloumi burger which I wasn’t sure of at first.. I mean, who eats a big chunk of salty cheese in a burger, lol.. that burger was simply delicious. The eggplant chips were cooked perfectly, it didn’t taste oily or greasy at all, had the crispiest texture on the outside and delicious soft eggplant on the inside which still surprisingly held firm. I have made my own eggplant chips a few times now, and trust me.. getting those chips exactly right like that, is a SKILL on its own! As for the grazing plate, hand down the best selection of grazing food we have ever had. The best thing about our meal was that it didn’t end up burning a hole in our pocket. Everything was so reasonably priced, we had a tremendous feast (inc drinks) for under $100 – which is amazing. Cannot wait to come back to this place.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Herd Bar and Grill website

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