Gimlet at Cavendish House, Melbourne

I have been truly fortunate to work with a team of people who share the same passion for food. I work for a digital marketing agency and the majority of our clients are in the hospitality industry, so naturally our work has always involved food – one way or another. Some of us within the team are full-on foodie influencers and professional photographers. Our team bonding activity includes a monthly lunch so we not only get to catch up, but also get to eat yummy food. Once a year, for our team Christmas Lunch – our boss treats us to someplace extra special. Just last month for our 2021 Christmas Lunch, boy were we treated to someplace spectacularly special.

We were truly spoilt. Gimlet is one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, fine dining at its best. Located at the corner of Russell St and Flinders Lane, everything from the food, ambiance and service here was top notch.

The highlight of our experience was definitely when the steak tartare was prepared, assembled and freshly served right in front us at the table. The lobster was rather fancy, rather pricey, but also incredibly fresh and delicious. Every single other dish was outstanding, and whilst there’s no point me mentioning specific dishes because their menu regularly changes according to seasonal availability – I can say with full confidence that you should expect nothing less than amazing in every meal.

Even the side of char-grilled broccoli blew my mind, in fact it could have also been one of the highlights for me. Who am I, to even say that about vegetables?! That should really say a lot haha!

Oh, and don’t forget to try the classic Gimlet cocktail while you’re there. It is INCREDIBLE. We also had a round of margaritas and finished with sweet French Sauternes, absolutely delightful. What else can I say, spoilt!

Header / Featured Image Credit: Gimlet at Cavendish House website

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