Seasons Botanic Gardens, St Kilda

Hello there, it’s August 2022 but I am currently back-writing content all the way back from March 2022… oops, my bad! Life has just been hectic, but in a good way. I have so much to share, and most of it has been captured on Instagram, but there’s just something about my blog that gives me a sense of satisfaction – knowing my memories are captured somewhat properly? It’s hard to explain but here I am anyway, with a backlog of at least over 30 blog posts so let’s just get through it slowly but surely.

Earlier this year, for baby girl’s 8th birthday she had a little sleepover at a hotel with just a few friends and had the best time. The hotel we picked (Seasons Botanic Gardens, St Kilda) was perfect for the occasion, as it had an indoor pool and spa for a lovely afternoon of relaxing, access to restaurant options which made food delivery easy peasy, and it was just across the road from the Royal Botanic Gardens, so we went for a nice little walk the next day too. After we checked out of the hotel at 11am, we visited the Shrine of Remembrance, saw some of the Moomba Festival parade, explored little “forests” and enjoyed a little splash at the Children’s Garden.

On her actual birthday, we also spontaneously had a few more friends over after another swimming sesh at the local pool. I made her an allergy friendly birthday cake from scratch and also made her sushi from scratch. Safe to say, I’ve truly been a busy mumma! Anyway, that was the gist of it.. and as always, pictures speak a thousand words 🙂

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