Dan-Yr-Ogof, The National Showcaves Centre for Wales

This place was truly magical. It was an incredible experience and I absolutely loved coming here! We checked out of our overnight hotel in Bristol on our way from London – West Wales, and whilst we stopped at Bath the day before, we decided to stop by Dan Yr Ogof aka The National Showcaves Centre for Wales on our way to our cottage in Talgarreg. I’m so glad we did! This whole place had not just one, but THREE absolutely stunning caves. Over 200 life-sized dinosaurs around the beautiful natural surroundings, a farm with live farm animals, Iron Age village, museum, gold panning, souvenir shop and a café.

The caves were just absolutely spectacular. It was very accessible, so very suitable for kids. It is also constantly 10 degrees Celcius in the caves, which is a nice relief from the hot summer weather.

The kids had a great time, and quite honestly so did we as adults. It was just a nice relaxing day, and we felt like cave explorers but at the same time cave tourists haha. We ended the day gold panning for almost an hour. Such a memorable experience, and to think.. it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere in WALES, so the chances of us ever returning to this region in our lifetime is probably pretty slim, so I am so happy we made memories in this part of the world. Memories I will cherish forever!

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