West Wales: Talgarreg, Llanarth, Aberaeron, New Quay & Brecon

We were in West Wales for 4 nights between the 28th July to 1st August 2022. We stayed in very comfortable cottage accommodation at Crug Yr Eryr Isaf in Talgarreg, ran by Sophie and Paul who were lovely and friendly hosts! The rooms were comfy and cosy, and they were even kind enough to let an extra person (my dad) sleep in the lounge room with a spare mattress provided. The kids absolutely loved visiting the piglets every day, and the husband also enjoyed a tour of Paul’s furniture workshop, he runs a very successful handcrafted furniture business right next to the cottages! We were minutes away from the local pub, The Glanyrafon Arms, where it’s quaint and owned by a friendly old couple who speaks with a very heavy Welsh accent hehe.

During this time, we had the wedding in Llanarth, had dinner at Llanina Arms and brunch at The Hive and The New Celtic, Aberaeron, went crab fishing a couple of times, went to the beach in New Quay, and stopped by Brecon on our drive back to London. I love Wales. The countryside views are a refreshing change to the hustle and bustle of London, and the buildings are all so pretty, the language is amusing, and the coffee was much better than London too! It was the most relaxing part of our trip, for sure. I also became so familiar with the roads towards the end of the trip, that I no longer needed a GPS to give me directions to get from Talgarreg to Llanarth and back. Like a pro local driver by then haha, even with the narrow windy country roads!

We also drove right through one of the best scenic drives in Wales, The Brecon Beacon National Park, where thousands of mountain sheep and lamb were just chillin’ on the side of the road everywhere! It was absolutely incredible, one of the best driving experiences we’ve ever had but I was driving, so I forgot to take photos and videos, and my husband pulled out his phone to capture it a tad too late, after we have passed the majority of the sheep and the best views. We were just so mesmerized by it all and taken in by the moment to even think about photos/videos!

Stock Photo of lamb and sheep @ Brecon Beacon National Park

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