Happiness in Canon EOS 550D

Last weekend, I went about my Saturday as usual – sleeping in until 10.30am, went to the shops to pick up some missing ingredients for the Roasted Chicken Leg with Herb & Breadcrumb Stuffing I was planning to cook, and I started preparing my dish. I was planning on just cooking one chicken leg to make use of the natural day lighting in my kitchen (looks better on my photos) – and to save the rest for dinner.
My husband, on the other hand – got up really early in the morning to take my car out to service. Wasn’t that sweet of him to sacrifice his weekend snooze to take MY car out to service, and to wait at the garage for a few hours while my car’s being serviced? See, that was why I made sure he would come home to a lovely meal… to show him how much I appreciate the little things he does for me.
Anyway, I’ve finished cooking – finished taking photos with my usual FujiFilm compact 7MP camera, and I started blogging my previous entry, which I am very proud of because everything went smoothly and I even took “step by step” photos. I was starting to wonder why hubby wasn’t home yet – it was past 2pm and I was pretty sure the garage would close by noon. Hhmmm… oh well, I thought he might go out shopping or something… but I did not expect him to come home with this:


I couldn’t believe it – we’ve been talking about a DSLR camera for a while now, and last week especially I’ve been tempted many times to just buy it off eBay – and hubby kept telling me to wait. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t just go ahead and buy it, but I respected his decision to wait.

And this is my reward!!!

So basically, I spent my entire weekend “practicing” with this camera and taking shots of anything and everything. I’m still such a noob, but I am keen to continue practicing until I can take superb shots, especially of FOOD! I was so thankful I’ve saved some of that chicken for dinner, because that gave me an opportunity to take some of the photos of the dish using my new camera! If you check out previous blog entry, the photos taken with the new DSLR is the top photo + two last photos. Everything in between are “prep” photos so they were taken with the old camera in the afternoon.

And here are some other “test” shots I took (click on image to enlarge):
My basket of herbs in the kitchen.
Mini cheesecake bites.
Fresh scones from morning tea at church.
Sweets and slices from church.
Chicken Massaman Curry – Sunday Night dinner.
Soy and Pepper Stirfried Veggies with Coriander – Sunday Night dinner.
Sunday Night dinner served with steamed rice.
Dessert – 97% Fat Free Wildberry Ice-Cream with Mini Cheesecake Bites
I know I’ve got lots more to learn but I’m very happy so far! So here’s to many, many more blog entries and lots more cooking and experimenting and tons more professional looking food photography to please all you wonderful people out there who take the time to read my blog. Go foodies!

3 thoughts on “Happiness in Canon EOS 550D

  1. @Cheryl hahahaa yeahh he “pretended” to be such a bad cop and tough cookie, always saying “no” whenever I said I wanna buy the camera.. and then this… aahhhh 🙂 YESSS ask and thou shall receive… lol.


  2. I found this post on a search. I am food blogger who has been using a crap point and shoot for 3 years. NOW I finally got my dream camera the Canon eos550 like you. I have been studying like crazy and I Have no idea what to do. I AM so lost help me please lol. How do I get the blurry background in the food pics.Noor from Ya Salam Cooking


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