Contessa Receptions / No Carb Recipes

Last night, hubby and I attended a wonderful wedding reception at Contessa Receptions @ 440 Huntingdale Road, Melbourne. Just thought I’d post a quick blog entry to show you a picture of all the food we had. More photos and details posted on Flickr.
Another “just for fun” post. I have to admit I am struggling with content lately – especially since I have started a “No Carb Diet” with some girls on Twitter and have limited myself to simple omelets and stirfries which are less worthy of blogging material. However, obviously yesterday was a “Cheat Day” as I couldn’t really control what gets served on my plate at dinner right? I think having ONE “Cheat Day” per week is fine.

I did, however, contemplate the idea of starting a “No Carb Recipes” series.
So I guess it’s a work in progress. Hopefully be able to come up with something GOOD really soon! Thank you all for your patience 🙂
In the mean time, here are some of my previously blogged recipes which are reasonably low in carbohydrates… just in case my girls run out of ideas of what to eat:

Stirfried Pork Belly with Vegetables
Char Siu Chicken Wings
Steamed Whole Snapper with Garlic, Butter, Chilli and Lemon


One thought on “Contessa Receptions / No Carb Recipes

  1. *screams* at carbless pictures… *run away* I'm a failure at this diet. By far… the WORST among the girls. Haha.. need your “No carbs recipes” soon! Then again, I'll prolly end up tapao-ing chicken rice. I'm lazy like that. Haha..!


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