A Poem for December

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been away the past few days, life has been hectic. I will get around to visiting your blogs and returning comments very soon.. and also blogging a new exciting recipe that will get you drooling, I can almost guarantee!
But in the mean time, I’d like to share a little “spontaneous poem” I wrote for the month of December. It is my favorite month of the year for many reasons, and I am so excited that it’s here! It goes a little something like this….
I love you December
I will always remember
When I walked down the aisle
When I was born so fragile
When Enoch took me as his wife
When I celebrate another year of my life
When I got given a wedding ring
And then a birthday present the next evening
When I get to go on holiday
And celebrate Jesus’ birthday
Exchanging gifts with the family
Not to mention the Christmas turkey
Yes, I love you December
Much, much more than I love November…
Lots of love,

12 thoughts on “A Poem for December

  1. Ooh, Happy Wedding Anniversary and Happy Birthday in advance, Kimberly! December is a happy month for me too because that's when I gave birth to my daughter, my firstborn. Love this poem, it's sweet and has a cute ending ;-).


  2. Soooo Sweet..Happy Wedding Anniversary & Birthday to you grl! The beauty of your poem was that it was straight from the heart…take care!


  3. How wonderful to be able to celebrate joyous occasions three-fold! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to you and God bless! …And Merry Christmas in advance!


  4. Cute! I always loved having by birthday in December too. BTW – thanks for your comment on pressure cooking on my blog. You should not be afraid! Once you start using one you will say “wish I had done this lots sooner”.


  5. Awww!! Congratulations and happy birthday! It's kind of fun to have the two events so close, isn't it? My son was actually born on my birthday, that was the best gift I've ever received!


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