Another Random Cookbook Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
To start off this new year, and to thank all of you for your wonderful support, I am feeling generous and would like to giveaway a FREE cookbook and some random mystery gifts compliments of Kimba’s Kitchen.
All you need to do to qualify for this giveaway:
1. Comment on this post with your name and email address
2. Follow me on Twitter (all new followers from today’s date will qualify)
3. Like me on Facebook (all new followers from today’s date will qualify)
If you do ALL of the above you will of course TRIPLE your chances!
I will pick ONE lucky winner randomly, and ONE lucky winner whom I will choose personally if I feel he / she probably deserves a prize or in serious need of a cookbook, lol.
This little giveaway is OPEN TO ALL RESIDENTS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD so spread the word! Ends January 30th 2011.

48 thoughts on “Another Random Cookbook Giveaway!

  1. I need any kind of help I can get! LOL. But I must say, the banana bread and salmon with cucumber sauce turned out great using your recipes!!Thanks for the giveaway chance and the recipes, photos and interesting info about another part of the world. Barb


  2. While I am glad that you enjoyed yourself on vacation, you most definitely deserved it, I am moreso happy to have you back in your kitchen. I am looking forward to drooling over your dishes. I can't say that I feel I am deserving of a cookbook or a mystery prize but what I can say is I'm a giveaway slut! Haha! I love cookbooks and all things FREE! Have a great day!


  3. I love cookbooks, and have many, so can't say I really need another, but of course I'd always love to have another to try new and different recipes from. Ideas for healthier meals are always appreciated.


  4. what a fabulous way to start the year! just discover your site and am its getting me hooked! simply love the food you are preparing and the way you capture them on camera. trying my luck on the cookbook….Jenny (


  5. I need a cookbook! Now that I have this fabulous new apartment and fabulous friends to cook for and still single, I need to up my stepford wife skills before I find a husband and settle down to get married and have kids. Plus, I'm still upset that I can't have that ferrero rocher christmas tree 😦


  6. I have been loyal so I guess I deserve a copy of this, yes? Haha!!!Babe, you cook great stuffs! Whether or not I get the cookbook, I will still be your supporter & who knows, I might fly there to taste it MYSELF!!!!!!!! Can't wait!amylmeiwei (


  7. I want to win sooooo badly! Love your blog and love your pictures, and I am going to love your book, I swear! =PI'm downloading it anyway, but there's nothing like the cooking with a book in your hands, plus, wouldn't it be fun to know someone in Costa Rica, all the way around the globe, is using YOUR cookbook and sharing YOUR recipes?My name is Mariana Flores, and email is mariana@food-junky.comThanx for the giveaway, and congrats on the amazing idea! Besos!


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