Smoked Salmon Appetizers and Salad

Earlier this week, while shopping for some smoked salmon so we can have a healthy salad for dinner – I was stuck in a serious dilemma at the supermarket for a good 3 minutes! You see, I only needed 200g of smoked salmon to make my salad. But, I’ve worked it out that if I buy 200g only, the price per kg was $60! On the other hand, buying a whole 1kg packet of smoked salmon was only $30/kg. There is another twist – the 1kg bag was on special because it has already been thawed and therefore I could not re-freeze them. Once opened, it needs to be used up within 24 hours. Could hubby and I really eat 1kg worth of salmon within 24 hours? That’s dinner + lunch + dinner, lol. YEAHHH why not! A bit of a salmon overload, but salmon’s a good source of Omega 3 so that’s our intake for the month all sorted! Umm… I don’t think it works that way but oh well!
To make these Smoked Salmon Appetizers, you will need to stack these ingredients:
  • Paris Mini Toasts
  • Spreadable Creamed Cheese
  • Smoked Salmon, cut into squares
  • Fresh Dill herbs
Another way you can serve a Smoked Salmon Appetizer using the same ingredients (without mini toasts) is to roll a chunk of creamed cheese using your palms to form a thin cylinder shaped mould, and then wrap the sliced salmon pieces around the cheese, cut them into chunks and serve garnished with Dill. Absolutely beautiful presentation and delicious!
And then, to make an easy Smoked Salmon Salad, toss these ingredients together:
  • Mixed Green Salad Leaves
  • Half a cucumber, thinly sliced
  • Cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • Smoked salmon, sliced
  • 1 avocado, sliced into pieces
  • Pecan nuts, crushed (optional)
  • Ranch / Caesar dressing
  • A drizzle of lemon juice

Just when I thought I have had enough salmon, there is still ONE more salmon dish to blog about… that one is kinda special so I will reserve a solo blog entry for that recipe.

P/S: Happy Australia Day!

35 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Appetizers and Salad

  1. Salmon! I love it! I've been trying to find an excuse to pick up a bag of it one of these days. I love to eat it on its' own, though. It doesn't need much else. But, you make it look so fancy and cute!!


  2. Your appetizers sound so delicious and healthy and your pictures are gorgeous as always! I love salmon, but my husband doesn't. I buy it for me on occasion,and eat it all myself:)


  3. Kim… simply stunning pictures!!! I discovered Smoked Salmon on our Tahiti cruise last year and fell in love with it. I haven't used it for a while, but I'm eager to have some again!Love the toast recipe… this just might work on my Super Bowl Table!!


  4. if i were you, i wld also take a kilo of those salmons back home and i'm sure you wld have so many ideas what to do with that..looking foward to your next post..great looking salad!


  5. All of your appetizers are so beautiful! I was shocked at the price of salmon for you (until I realized you live in Australia), especially since I live in Eastern Canada where it all originates. I think my favourite is the roll up with the cream cheese. It will definitely make everyone in my family happy!


  6. Kim, you outdo yourself again! I love the photos! Nice composition and without a doubt, the smoke salmon appetizer and the salad looks divine! I am looking forward to see you join the fun of my Valentine's Giveaway.


  7. As far as smoked salmon goes, for me, there's never enough!! I love that stuff, so all of your renditions are making me a bit drool-y, which is somewhat dangerous for the well being of my laptop. 😀


  8. Thanks Kim! I just got a gift basket at Christmas with smoked salmon AND mini toasts! Thanks for giving me an idea of what to do with it….and of course, gorgeous to boot!Happy belated Australia day!


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