Easy Ambrosia Dessert Recipe

Don’t you just love going to dinner parties, and then your host serves up something really amazing and then you ask about it, and you end up learning that it is actually quite easy and simple to whip up? This has happened to me several times. I end up “pinching” someone else’s recipe, which was originally someone else’s recipe / idea anyway, and by me pinching the recipe I end up passing it on to someone else who comes to my dinner party, and then they end up passing it on to other people!
This recipe is no exception. It is a “family recipe” for a friend of ours whom we have recently had dinner with at their place over the weekend. The beauty of this Ambrosia dessert is that you can do whatever you want with it! I googled “Ambrosia” and discovered that in some parts of the world, this dessert is actually a salad! Very interesting… and the best part of this dessert, it is SO easy to make but presents so beautifully with just a little bit of effort. A teeny tiny bit of effort. Trust me, you will WOW your dinner guests until they realise how simple it is and then they will want to pinch this idea off you, or off me, or off my friends, or off my friends’ friends… lol. You get what I mean!
300ml thickened cream
400ml berry yoghurt (any fruity flavor you like!)
Half a bag of marshmallows
1 cup seedless green grapes (choose the smaller ones)
1 cup strawberries, chopped into little cubes
Note: Other than grapes and strawberries, feel free to use any fruit you like! Chopped pineapples, cherries, kiwi fruit, raspberries, etc etc.
Using an electric mixer, whip cream until it is fluffy and soft peaks are formed. Gently fold in the yoghurt and marshmallows and fruit.
Preferably, refrigerate overnight so the marshmallows have time to soften in mixture.
Serve in bowls or cups decorated with a Kit Kat and freshly cut strawberries on top. Feel free to also use a bit of chocolate topping!
๏ปฟSo I served that dessert at lunch today when our parents in law came over. Today’s Labour Day Public Holiday in Victoria so we had the day off. It was a nice day off too! Lunch only took me an hour to prepare – I went to Coles very quickly to pick up a roast chicken, and then just presented it beautifully onย a platter with salad all around it. We also had a quiche, some pasta salad, some bread rolls and semi dried tomatoes with feta cheese. It was quite a feast for a Monday lunch, lol. But it was a day off, so it was a bit special. Speaking of day off, it is STILL our day off so I’m off to enjoy it! ๐Ÿ™‚

30 thoughts on “Easy Ambrosia Dessert Recipe

  1. This is a common dessert to show up at our potlucks. It is so versatile. I love your presentation of the ambrosia and the salad around the chicken looks amazing! I love that idea. Different than the usual roasted veggies. Yummy!


  2. Very pretty dessert and so quick to put together. I like how it is so adaptable to other ingredients. Your lunch must've been fabulous. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your day off.


  3. Hope you enjoyed your day off! Your ambrosia looks heavenly ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm taking a Wines of the World class and we tasted some wonderful wines from Victoria at our last meeting – very tasty. Have a great week!


  4. What a pretty desert. When I hear ambrosia I have memories of a jello-mold and things sticking out of it from my aunt. This is sooo not what I was expecting.


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