Week 12: Gotta Love eBay!

This week is all about watching.. watching… and bidding! With Micah approaching the next few milestones in the next few months (which will no doubt go very quickly) we find that we will soon need a few things: 
1. A bigger Baby Carseat
Micah is currently travelling in a baby capsule that he will obviously very quickly outgrow! I now have my eye on the Safe-N-Sound Royale Convertible Baby Carseat and its Retail Price is over $400! On eBay, there are a few of these carseats all looks like it’s still in good condition. Some are starting at $5 with 4-6 days to go, others are already up to $45 with only 1-2 days to go. We shall see! Anything below $100 sounds good to me. It doesn’t bother me at all that it is second hand (after all Micah’s existing capsule has been used by multiple nephews / nieces!) as long as it is clean, in good working condition and from a smoke free family. 
This carseat is designed to be converted from rearward facing to forward facing, can recline or be upright, is suitable for newborn up to 4 years old, or up to 18kg. I know Micah will quickly get to 18kg at the rate he is going but at least this seat will fit him much better for at least another year or two! And if we get a good deal off eBay it will totally worth it. Why buy NEW when you can save hundreds of dollars??
2. An Armchair for the Nursery
The current plan is to move Micah from our bedroom into his nursery by the time he is 6 months old. This may happen sooner if he settles into a good sleep routine as the weather cools down and as daylight savings ends. So I am now in the market for an armchair to go in the nursery for breastfeeding. We don’t have much room in the nursery, so the armchair needs to be small, practical and comfortable. I might get a separate ottoman / footrest that also works as a storage box to maximise the usage of space in the nursery. Definitely watching a few armchairs on eBay at the moment and fingers crossed hoping to snap a bargain!
3. A High Chair
Again in a few months time, Micah will be starting solids and sitting up to eat and we will need a high chair! Nothing too fancy, just a simple IKEA High Chair which is practical and easy to clean. I just went to the IKEA website to check its Retail Price to compare against the current second hand high chairs on eBay and IKEA’s brand new ones are currently on sale! Only $30 for the high chair and additional $10 for the tray. Ooohhhh… that’s 50% off its original price! I think I will have to just go to IKEA and get a brand new one and not worry about the ones on eBay if they are that cheap!

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