Week 28: EARTHQUAKE IN MELBOURNE! Quality Time, Biting & Playpen (Again)

Micah and I got to spend some quality time this week. On the weekend we went for a nice walk in the sun (very rare these days!) it didn’t feel like winter at all, and enjoyed a lovely lunch outside at Red Rooster. Look at that beautiful cheeky grin of his… he was so happy and content to be out smelling the fresh air. 
Hubby is away in Queensland for 4 days this week so Micah and I will really be spending lots of quality time. We hung out at Glen Waverley today while I did some Asian grocery shopping and had lunch at a Malaysian restaurant. Tomorrow we are off to do some shopping at Fountain Gate – I am going to buy him a pair of white pants for his baptism (he is borrowing his cousin’s suit but the pants are a bit tight!), a Baine Marie from Kmart to keep the food warm during the post baptism lunch, a 2nd tier for my steamer so I can steam more veggies, and a bread slicer as requested by my aunt from Malaysia. On Thursday, we will go visit poor Aunty Leah who just wants the twins in her belly to come out already! Then we’re off to stay the night at Micah’s Nana and Granddad’s in Werribee. That should be a nice little break for me as Micah will get cuddles from Nana and Granddad.
Oh, and did I mention I cleaned out my pantry this week. SUCH A GREAT FEELING!
Now I know exactly what is in my pantry (don’t you just hate going grocery shopping and either buying something you already have, or not buying something you think you have but really you don’t have?) and what needs to be stocked up.. when my parents get here next week (NEXT WEEK!) from Malaysia, we will take a trip to CostCo and stock up my pantry! Yayyy so excited. Sorry, gone off topic there… hehe.
We all know Micah loves putting things in his mouth and giving them a good chew. He especially loves to suck and chew on people’s fingers. Recently, ever since Micah got his 3 little bottom teeth, and they are so SHARP by the way, it really started to hurt whenever he bites down on our fingers!! So hubby did ask me how I was dealing with breastfeeding him.
I was fine, for a while. He was perfectly fine breastfeeding with his sharp teeth, his tongue goes on top of his teeth as part of his “suction technique” anyway so I barely felt any teeth….. until one day last week.
OUCH!!! I literally let out a huge scream / squeal / yelp whatever you call it… it was a massive OWWW!! Micah bit me whilst feeding!!! It happened again during the next feed so I started doing some research… here’s a really good article: What To Do When Your Breastfeeding Baby Bites. I tried some of the solution suggested by this article and it worked. It hasn’t happened again ever since… yet. Fingers crossed. I’ve figured out that Micah doesn’t like me looking at my phone (reading Facebook, lol) whilst I’m feeding him. He wants my full attention! So I have to either give him full attention or pretend I’m giving him full attention ie not let him see my phone ie hold the phone out behind him where he can’t see what I’m doing, hehe!
 Again with the playpen! Micah hated the arrangement as per the “Before” photo above. He just doesn’t like the fact that everywhere he turns there is this gate / fence thing which I suppose was very jail-like! He just whinged and cried the whole time we put him in there… So my clever husband the engineer modified the playpen and turned it into the “After” photo as shown. So much better! Micah still has access to all the areas on his playmat and all of his toys and yet he is safely contained within an enclosed section of the room. Brilliant. Still need to supervise him though, clever boy could reach through the gaps and pull out the playmat edges and still eat them. Pfft.
Just as I was sitting on the couch finishing up my blog post, an EARTHQUAKE (okay maybe it was just an earth tremor) just happened!! It was the longest earthquake I have ever experienced. It wasn’t a bad one at all, just felt the house shake for a bit as if a really, really large truck just drove past… but because it went on for so LONG approximately 20 seconds, I started to panic. In my heart I was praying hard for it to just stop. It was the longest 20 seconds of my life. I feared for my little Micah sleeping in the next room! I was worried because it went on for so long that it was going to get worse… thankfully it stopped! WHY did this have to happen as soon as my husband is away?!! Still a bit shaken up, not by the earthquake, but by the POSSIBILITY of a much worse earthquake. That thought during that split moment was one of the scariest thoughts I’ve ever had. All because I have become a parent!! ARRGGGHHH everything just seems scarier, all because I fear for my child. ARGH!

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