Georgio’s Seafood & Steak House, Beaconsfield

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Hubby and I rarely go out to dinner these days because of our 6-month old son. Back when he was a newborn, it was a lot easier to take him out at night because he would just sleep either in his capsule or his pram. Now that he is older, he is much to alert to fall asleep in public and he gets too grumpy if he stays awake.

A few weeks ago, our friends had friends visiting from the United States so they have invited us to join them for dinner at Georgio’s Seafood and Steak House in Beaconsfield. I have always heard great things about this restaurant from these friends of ours, but never been there until that night. We organised for my sister in law to babysit our son for a couple of hours so we could go out to dinner. It was FANTASTIC! I am salivating just as I organise my photos ready for this post…

GARLIC SCALLOPS baked in the shell with creamy garlic and spring onion sauce

Usually I like to present my photos in the order of which it was served, but today I’d like to post them in order of preference! My favorite dish that night was my entree of Garlic Scallops. I don’t know why I have always preferred my entree dishes and always end up wishing I had more! My scallops were perfectly cooked just right, not overcooked at all, melts in your mouth. The garlic sauce was so delicious, even after the scallops were gone I used the leftover sauce as a dipping sauce for my bread roll. I am also crazy about spring onions (I add spring onions to almost anything I cook!) so I absolutely loved the combination of the scallops, garlic sauce and the spring onions. I cannot wait to go back just to have another serve of this dish!

FILLET AU POIVRE – Pepper Steak – eye fillet topped with a creamy peppercorrn and sweet sherry sauce served with baked escalloped potatoes and salad garnish

A very close second favorite dish of the night is my main meal, the Pepper Steak. I ordered my steak medium rare and it was cooked so perfectly I cleaned up my plate! Once again I was very impressed with the sauce, it was SO delicious I wish I could’ve licked my plate haha. The side dishes were fairly average and doesn’t really stand out, but it didn’t matter because the steak was just beautiful.

Baked Alaska – oven baked raspberry swirl sponge, ice cream & meringue

 My dessert arrived with fireworks! It was very cool, but I think it was way too big for me. The bottom layer was basically the raspberry sponge cake, then the middle layer had way too much ice cream and the top layer of the meringue was lovely because I do love my meringue, hehe. It was an alright dessert, but I do love my warm puddings and wondered why they didn’t have my favorite Sticky Date Pudding on the menu!

Now that I’ve finished reviewing meals that I actually ate… let’s check out some food porn below 🙂

My cocktail for the night: Blue Lagoon
Fresh bread rolls to start – they were still very warm the butter melted on them!
EYE FILLET with Garlic Butter
Hubby had GEORGIO’S STEAK – eye fillet topped with prawns and scallops in a creamy sauce. I don’t know, I’m still not a big fan or the “Surf N Turf” concept.. I still think seafood and meat should be served and enjoyed separately!
Our meals were also served with a plate of veggies to share
Vanilla Creme Brulee
Special for the night: Chocolate Creme Brulee! I actually had a taste.. it was deliciously chocolatey warm gooey sticky yummy!
Hubby had the Apple Fritters with Ice Cream and Maple Syrup – again with the generous portion!

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