Whole Suckling Pig Recipe

Ever since I’ve had a Whole Suckling Pig at The Provincial, I’ve always had this ambition to cook a whole pig at home… and last weekend my wish came true!! Leading up to the event (my son’s Baptism Celebration lunch) I was constantly anxious about this pig. I’ve never handled a whole pig before, let alone cook it. I was so nervous! I was worried that I would mess it up and waste $230 worth of perfectly wonderful meat!

Thankfully, with A LOT of help from my hubby our pig was a huge success!!! The meat was super tender and fell off the bone, and the skin was golden brown and crispy! We were SO happy with how the pig turned out, and it comfortably fed 50 people. Everyone commented on how delicious the pig was, and I personally felt like “Once you go suckling, you’ll never go back!” It was SO GOOD!!! Everything was gone by the end of the day. All plates were cleaned up, even the pig’s head was devoured by hungry meat lovers.

1 whole suckling pig
Dried Thyme
Chopped apples
Vegetable Oil
Kitchen string & needle for stitching
Aluminium foil
Paper towels for pat drying
Extra kitchen string for securing pig
A large BBQ and rotisserie
Clean the pig thoroughly by rinsing it with cold water. Pat dry using paper towels. Mount the pig onto the rotisserie stick. Stuff the pig with chopped apples and sprinkle thyme onto the stuffing generously. Stitch up the pig neatly using kitchen string and a large needle. Tuck in the pig’s legs underneath its belly and tie it up securely.
Rub the pig with a generous amount of salt and thyme. Baste lightly with a coat of vegetable oil.
Cover pig securely with aluminium foil and secure the foil again with more string.
Cook the pig on the BBQ with its lid closed at 120 degrees Celcius for approximately 4 hours.
Removing the foil
After 4 hours, remove the foil and switch the heat on the BBQ to the infrared on the back wall to start crispening up the skin.. Be careful not to let the fat from the pig drip onto the gas flames as it can cause a fire! Turn the pig around once to crispen the other side. This whole process might take between 30-40 minutes.
Let the pig rest for approximately 20 minutes and it’s ready to serve!
The carving of the pig.. it was so tender and easy to carve!!
Poor little piggy.. but you fed us well so Thank You!

5 thoughts on “Whole Suckling Pig Recipe

  1. Using the life of a young pig to celebrate the life of a young human, just doesn't seem ethical our civilized day & age where food is abundance for most nations.


  2. There is obviously no mention of me looking up pig recipes, there are so many other possibilities to why I had visited this blog! Is your mind that “simple”? Expressing an opinion is not necessarily a complain, simpleton Anon July 15.


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