Crew Cafe, Berwick

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I am a creature of habit. I mostly go to the same places and order the same food. Yes, I know that contradicts the whole idea of being a “food blogger” but again, that is why I don’t do a lot of reviews on my blog. The only way to get me to visit someplace new is if I was meeting friends there (and they picked the place) or invited to an event or purchased a group voucher so I get to try it out without paying full price.
Recently, LivingSocial Melbourne had a deal for Crew Cafe in Berwick. That surprised me because group deals are very rarely in my local suburb area. They are mostly in the city and of course now that I have had Micah I’m mostly a stay home mum based in Berwick. The deal was $15 for Breakfast or Lunch for two. Even though I’ve never even heard of Crew Cafe, I couldn’t resist the deal. Turns out the cafe is fairly new anyway, just opened late last year. That would explain why they decided to use a Group Buying site to promote their business. They did really well with this deal too, 523 vouchers were purchased!
The first thing I noticed about this cafe is that the people are really friendly and service is excellent. They make really good quality coffee and the environment is casual, warm and friendly. Their menu features All Day Breakfast and a fairly limited but nice Lunch options with some Specials on the board.

Antipasto Platter for 2

We started with the Antipasto Platter which was an incredible plate Toasted Turkish Bread slices with a yummy pesto dip, some cold meats, some deliciously roasted vegetables (the eggplant was delicious!), semi dried tomatoes and a simple rocket salad but with the most beautiful dressing I’ve ever tasted. It was such a delicious platter of food! For $13.90 I thought it was great value for money too.

Smoked Salmon Stack

For my main meal I ordered the Smoked Salmon Stack. I thought they were quite generous with the amount of smoked salmon on the plate, and the salad that went with it (or should I say went all around it) was absolutely divine! I cleaned up my entire plate, it was that good.

Spaghetti Chilli Prawn

Mum had the Spaghetti Chilli Prawn which looked absolutely yummy. I had a taste, but to compare it directly against my delicious Smoked Salmon would not give it a review it deserves. It tasted a little bit oily (but so it should be as it was drizzled with beautiful olive oil, there’s nothing wrong with that!) but I’m sure I would happily enjoy the spaghetti a lot more on its own without the taste of Smoked Salmon and fresh zesty salad on my palate any other day.

Smoked Salmon Breakfast

Finally, my mother in law had the Smoked Salmon with Toasted Ciabatta, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce (Breakfast Menu). I didn’t taste this one, so you will just have to take her word for it. She absolutely loved it and I could see that the poached egg was perfectly cooked and according to her it was really good Hollandaise sauce too. Must come back for breakfast another day and verify this!

Overall, we had an excellent lunch at Crew Cafe. After using the voucher, we only had to pay $33 for the extra items we ordered for the 3rd person and the antipasto platter. Not bad for the quality of food we received. I will most definitely be coming back for more, will probably order some of the same food (haha told you, creature of habit) but hey, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone away from my usual cafes in Berwick into a new one. That’s brave, lol.

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