Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minutes, 15 Recipes, 15-Week Challenge

Over the next 15 weeks, I will be featuring my take on 15 recipes from Jamie Oliver’s “15-Minute Meals” cook book. If you are like me, you love to cook but time is always against you. That is why I have purchased Jamie’s cookbook and hoping to be inspired to try new dishes that are delicious, healthy, and especially simple, easy and quick to make. 
I will be reviewing his recipes and sharing with all of you 1) How easy is it to make yourself at home aka did it really take 15-minutes give or take? 2) How commonly sourced are the ingredients features in those recipes aka can I realistically make this dish on a regular basis using ingredients that are easily available from my local supermarket? 3) Most importantly, how DELICIOUS is this dish? I will be rating those recipes out 5 stars based on my personal preference for taste.
I will NOT be publishing Jamie’s recipes in this series due to copyright reasons, however if the recipe is available online on his website I will definitely post a link. I would also like to maybe invite you to take up this challenge with me! Grab a copy of Jamie’s book (currently On Sale at Big W for only $28 instead of RRP $49.99), let’s try these recipes together, and then exchange our opinions and share it with all the other readers!

So, if you trust my judgment and humble cooking capabilities at home to be able to provide a series of recipe reviews that will be relevant to you, please stay tuned!

One thought on “Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minutes, 15 Recipes, 15-Week Challenge

  1. Can't wait to hear what you think of the recipes. I love this book! I have read a lot of reviews with people saying that you can't cook the recipes in 15 minutes and well, the first time you probably can't. I think the idea is that you can cook them in 15 minutes when you have learned them.. I mean, cooked them already a few times.


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