Beach Seafood Restaurant, Kuching

Kuching is a wonderful place to feast on amazing seafood. With stunning sunset views and the warm breeze of the ocean while you sit on a table facing the beach, what is there not to love? Actually, I lie. Once it gets dark, the mosquito situation is pretty bad! That aside, I love eating seafood by the beach whenever I get the chance to in Kuching.

This particular day, my sister and I have just spent the day at Camp Permai beach, approx. 40 mins drive from home, and we decided to finish the day with a seafood dinner. I was not disappointed, and to be honest I haven’t had a bad meal from a seafood restaurant in Kuching. Call me lucky, but maybe I just love locally cooked food so much. It’s just so authentic and so good and so delicious and so… cheap lol. I think I have lived in Australia for far too long, I appreciate the currency difference so much now and everytime I come home after a trip to Malaysia, I feel like everything in Australia is just so friggin’ expensive!! Grr…

We had Nestum Prawns, clams, belachan midin and of course, the feature dish of the day, Chilli Crab. Add a refreshing glass of Longan and the beautiful sunset views, there’s nothing quite like it!

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