Sydney Part 1: Nu’s Restaurant (Thai)

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Hey everyone, I’m back! Sydney was lots of fun, even work during the day was fun!

In this two part series of blog entries, I will show you the highlights of my trip. 1) Nu’s Restaurant @ McMahons Point 2) WildFire Restaurant @ Circular Quay West … and of course, some random scenic pictures that I took from our gorgeous accommodation!

So Day 1, we arrived in Sydney at approx. 8.20pm. I know that’s pretty late to be going to dinner, but surprisingly when we arrived at Nu’s Restaurant @ Blues Point Road, McMahons Point the restaurant was absolutely packed and still full of buzz! 

Thankfully, I’ve made my reservation a week in advance and it turns out Nu’s Restaurant is ALWAYS fully booked especially during the weekends so I’m really glad I booked so well ahead! We were ushered to a cute little table by the window and were presented the entrée and mains menu. We ordered a bottle of wine to start with, and decided on our entrées, and then turned to the menu for Main Meals to study it in further detail.
Nu’s may not necessarily have the biggest variety in their menu, but I can tell you now that it is the best menu I’ve ever seen. EVERYTHING on the menu seemed desirable, and I was practically salivating just at the thought of the flavors presented with each dish.

This was my entrée: Bettle Leaf with Crispy Pork Belly and Son-In-Law Quail Egg
Most definitely the BEST entrée I have ever tasted. I ate this with my fingers, literally rolled the leaf over everything else and took three bites in total. Each bite was so satisfying and each burst of flavor in my mouth felt literally like a foodgasm. That’s right – I’ve said it. I officially just had my first foodgasm. It was SO delicious… I need to know how to make this myself!!
Miss J (my dinner companion) had this entrée: Crispy Quail Tartlets served with Baby Herbs
According to her, and she was even more excited than I was, this was also the BEST thing she has ever tasted. She was so obsessed with it, she couldn’t stop talking about it to everyone at work the next day! It must’ve been really good, and it was presented so perfectly on the plate!
Almost moving on to the mains, we had a bowl of rice to share between us and we each had our own main meals.
This was my main: Crispy Cinnamon Pork Hock with Roast Almonds, Watercress Salad and Green Chilli Nam Jim
Imagine a sweet, tangy thick sauce around a piece of tender pork hock that’s crispy enough on the outside, with a slight charcoal burnt taste, and extremely tender, juicy pork meat on the inside with the occasional surprise of fat to compliment the overall texture of meat even more. It was divine! I was enjoying my meal so much, I didn’t want to finish it… I didn’t want to leave!
I also had a taste of what Miss J had: Massaman Slow Braised Lamb Shank on Asian Sweet Potato Mash
As you would expect, the lamb was extremely tender it melted in your mouth. The massaman curry complimented the lamb so perfectly and having rice to go with it would’ve been incredible. Miss J really enjoyed her meal too, in fact we were both just so happy and thought it was definitely worth the wait, having dinner at 9pm. That was quite an incredible experience.
But wait, we were not done! We couldn’t leave without at least having a traditional Thai dessert: Sticky Rice with Palm Sugar and Thai Steamed Coconut Custard
We both had to share this dessert because we were simply very full but decided to pig out and order the dessert anyway. The best part about this dessert is the fact that the sticky rice was still warm, and the taste just grows on you with every spoonful. It was sticky, it was sweet, the custard dissolved in your mouth and you start to wonder how it managed to get perfectly sliced and served the way it did.
Oh Nu’s… what else can I say? I am extremely impressed. Nu’s has just set a very high standard and high expectations that I find would be hard for WildFire restaurant to bet the next night! 
In fact, just to skip to Friday night just before we left for the airport to come back to Melbourne, Miss J and I actually did a DETOUR to Nu’s… and ordered the food we had two nights before as takeaway!! We just really loved it so much we couldn’t return to Melbourne without getting another taste!! It tasted exactly as we remembered from two nights ago, and we really enjoyed having Nu’s expensive takeaway on the plane 🙂
So coming back to Wednesday night again when this all happened, after dinner, we had to walk 800m down Blues Point Road to get to our accommodation.
It was a great street with a strip of restaurants and cafes the whole way down.
We walked past some very interesting restaurants that were just about to close because it was almost 11pm! By the time we got to the end of the road, where McMahons Point ferry station was…
We saw this!!!
And this!!!
(Please click on these images to see a bigger version)
Isn’t the view just absolutely spectacular?? In case you’re totally new to Sydney, that’s the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the Sydney Opera House on the other side just showing underneath the bridge, and the city skyline right next to it!
Anyway, we had to continue walking past the ferry station, past Sails Restaurant (where my company had our Christmas Party last year, and likely the same place this year) into the lane right next to it to finally get to our accommodation.
But just before we get there… another spectacular view of sail boats on the water and Luna Park on the other side!!
Then we finally arrived at Harbourside Serviced Apartments.
View of the entrance to Harbourside Serviced Apartments. Everything that night just looked absolutely stunning! I’m so glad I had my DSLR camera with me to do these pictures justice. It was just amazing!
We both checked in and retreated to our individual studio apartments. It was really a nice, clean apartment – we were all very happy with the accommodation.

The studio apartment had everything we needed, including Foxtel, a full kitchen that even has a stove top, a dishwasher and all the cooking equipment you will need to cook up a storm! Too bad I wasn’t planning on cooking while I’m conveniently away from home, hehe.

The bathroom was very basic but very clean. One thing which did annoy me though, was that the hot water turned itself off after 5 minutes!! Sooo annoying that I had to have really quick showers the whole time I was in Sydney! Grrr.. otherwise, it was all good 🙂

So that’s basically it for Day 1. Please keep checking back to see Part 2 of this blog series!

8 thoughts on “Sydney Part 1: Nu’s Restaurant (Thai)

  1. Sydney at night is indeed a sight to behold. Would so love to visit there one day but its on the other side of a very expensive 16-20 hour longhaul flight for me it is good to live vicariously through other's experiences. Your photographs are wonderful and that food looks delightful. Lovely restuarant review. xx


  2. @Shao – thanks sweetie, yes aren't the lights gorgeous?! I can't wait to post Part 2, hehe.@browniegirl – thank you! Umm yes, that's a very long flight, perhaps stopping elsewhere in between for short trips would make it more worthwhile :)@Miss Melbourne – ohhh I'm sure you share the same excitement with our new babies! It's the best thing ever, finally owning a DSLR to capture these amazing moments 🙂


  3. I would still prefer to get my authentic Thai dishes in Thailand especially that now the budget air fares are not atrocious. However, we don’t have the luxury of time at the self storage facility, with more and more business coming from mobile pods and storage. Eating out in Sydney and in Australia in general can be very expensive, in any case, whether having Asian dishes or not.


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