Epic Meal Time Inspired Feast

Have you seen the Epic Meal Time YouTube Channel? I’ve only been introduced to this by one of hubby’s friends recently – when a bunch of guys came over to help hubby with some work in our backyard, they specifically asked if I could prepare an “Epic Meal Time” dinner feast for them once they’ve finished working hard. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I said “ok” anyway. He gave me two clues “meat” and “quantity”.. I still went “OK” without doing my research on the internet, lol.
So, just based on what I was told – I decided to cook up a feast for 4 people. Epic feast.
(Please read the end of this entry before checking out Epic Meal Time on YouTube)
Basically a spread we couldn’t possibly finish even if we tried. And we tried. And we failed. There were plenty of leftovers, lol.
I cooked up a massive Pork Crackling Roast with Rosemary, the crispy crackling was amazing. We barely ate half of the entire roast, but the skin was gone in a few seconds.
Just when you thought there was more than enough meat, I also brought out a small portion of Chicken Mignons.. cut in half, because we definitely could not eat a whole one with the rest of the spread to chow down. Recipe for the Chicken Mignon here.
A pasta and potato salad from Coles, couldn’t be bothered to make this one from scratch!
A wonderful Green Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Avocadoes, Cucumber and Feta Cheese!
Potato Gems! They’re as good if not better than chips. Oven roasted, of course.
And, if you notice at the very far corner I have some steamed corn cobs… as well as some garlic bread on the table. It was quite a feast!
So, the verdict was “oh look, there’s BACON wrapped chicken! Definitely Epic Meal Time..”
I was still confused.
So after dinner, the boys showed me the YouTube Channel. I was in shock, haha. It was basically a full on blokey food channel featuring an overdose of greasy meat dishes covered in potato chips or fries or too much cheese or anything creamy and just completely unhealthy. Supposedly very manly. Yep.. their food creations actually make me feel extremely healthy in comparison. It was pretty awesome yet I felt pretty sick watching all that food they were eating.
Ok, I know you’re curious now… go ahead and check out Epic Meal Time πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Epic Meal Time Inspired Feast

  1. Oh my! for:1) the delicious dishes you've made — they all look great!2) that channel. I just watched them make their “meat” salad, and I think I'm traumatized πŸ˜€ I've got to keep away my husband from knowing about this channel! hehe


  2. Good lord!I eat a lot..and I'd even be in a food coma.The pork cracklin roast looks incredible! I just want to sit at the table and pull off the little bits of crisp pork fat!


  3. You! You're the one who introduced my to Epic Meal Time! Its been on my facebook and shared a billion times since you posted this. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚ I feel horrible, but I love it.


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