Week 35: 8 Months Old

TEETH! (Excuse the casserole face)
My baby boy is officially 8 months old tomorrow. Oh my time really flies! My mum has gone back to Malaysia on Sunday night, and Monday was a real struggle for me. Micah seems a bit grumpier than usual in the morning, possibly because that’s when he usually spends the most time with my mum (while I catch up on some sleep). He was a lot happier in the afternoon though, he had an hour nap in his cot and woke up, and I snuggled with him on the couch and we both slept for an hour and a half. So that’s a big sleep for him, and a much needed nap for me. I even managed to keep the house tidy, did the dishes and a load of washing! As long as I can keep this up, maintaining the house and keeping on top of the chores should be fine. Thank goodness I managed to stock up on frozen meals last week… our freezer is full with ready to heat food and that’s just one less thing to worry about after putting Micah to bed.
Today was a lot better. I think I am slowly getting back into a routine without my mum now. She truly did spoil us! Hubby took care of Micah from 6am – 7am so I could sleep. Then I fed him and he had a morning nap all the way until 9am. So really, I slept in until 9am this morning! He was happy all day, not grumpy at all except when he’s tired or hungry. He slept lots today and he ate lots today. Not so much his Weetbix for breakfast (probably because he just woke up from a nap) but he ate lots of custard, and fruit, and casserole for lunch and dinner. Hopefully he sleeps well tonight!
Mr Micah checking out his book collection
By this age, Micah has truly become a big boy. He’s now crawling all around the house, and so quick at it too! He pulls himself up and stands whenever possible, and he takes little walks all by himself on the walker. He has lots of teeth! I love his baby talking and love his giggles and laughs. He remembers familiar things e.g. games we play during certain times. He gives high fives, and loves peekaboos. He gives cuddles and kisses. He would happily snuggle without squirming if he’s in the right mood. Everything about him is just beautiful. He’s my beautiful baby boy and I am so proud of him!
Mr Micah riding on his donkey

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