Simple Ideas for Salads, Marinades & Pasta

This is more of a “random” post with bits and pieces of simple ideas using some of the photos I have in my food archive. Just in case you’re busy cracking your head wondering what’s for lunch / dinner!

Idea #1: A colorful mediterranean salad immediately creates a positive appeal to eaters. Therefore, when putting a salad together, think COLORS. This example includes avocados, yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and mediterranean leaves. You could go a lot further by adding cucumbers, olives, semi dried tomatoes, smoked salmon, go crazy!! The natural flavors of everything put together beats any dressing, so the salad remains reasonably healthy. Great for when you don’t feel like cooking anything on a hot day.

Idea #2: Make your own BBQ marinade! I made some very delicious and sumptuous beef ribs a few nights ago for dinner, and I just mixed sauces together to make a delicious marinade. For this picture above, I combined:

4 tbsp tomato sauce
2 tbsp Maggi hot chilli sauce
2 tbsp dark soy sauce
3 tbsp honey
A pinch of pepper

And that’s about it! Who needs to spend money on a bottle of readymade marinade when you can have all these very basic ingredients you use everyday, put them together and create your own delicious flavor!

Idea #3: You don’t always have to make spaghetti carbonara or spaghetti marinara or spaghetti bolognese. For a simple weeknight dish using whatever you can find in the fridge – try tossing bacon and chopped prawns together with spaghetti cooked in garlic butter sauce. That’s minced garlic and melted butter. Top with your favorite herbs and a splash of lemon juice to neutralize the greasiness which comes from the butter and bacon. 

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