Asian Risotto Recipe

I believe I just made something up – but my palate loves it! And my hubby goes for seconds on this one, so it’s worthwhile sharing. It was another one of those nights when I only had 30 minutes to cook dinner, and challenging myself to use whatever ingredients available in the pantry / fridge. The result, is a wholesome risotto-ey dish which is not quite the traditional risotto most Australians are familiar with… so I’ve named it “Asian Risotto” lol, it’s like my own Invention Test in Kimba’s Kitchen! I really hope you guys like it, it’s very simple and packed with flavour 🙂

2 cups medium grain rice
4 cups of water (you may add more if you want it to be extra sticky)
Half a packet of Chow Mein Veggie Mix from Coles
1 cup of corn kernels
3 bacon rashers, sliced.
2 tsp paprika powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tbsp chicken stock powder
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large pan / wok, cook the rice in water 3 cups of water to start with. 
Add the chicken stock and season with some salt and pepper. 
Cook until the water is starting to simmer / boil slightly – add the pork rashers.
Cook until the rice is just tender, and water starting to absorb into the rice turning it into a “sticky” mixture. Add the Chow Mein veggies and corn kernels. Add paprika and coriander… and give it a really good mix.
Continue to stir until the rice is fully tender. You can add more water if the mixture starts to dry out.
Cook for another 10 minutes, and serve hot.

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