Phillip Island, Victoria

We live just 90 minutes away from the biggest tourist attraction in Victoria, Phillip Island. So, every now and then, if an amazing Groupon deal comes around (lol, I know I am cheap and not ashamed of it haha) I just snap them up and take the kids there for a little bit of fun during school holidays! We had that opportunity last school holidays, and stayed two nights at The Waves – the location is perfect! Directly facing Cowes beach, across the road from the playground, and walking distance to shops and restaurants. We had a fabulous time and … Continue reading Phillip Island, Victoria

Mumcations for the Soul ❤

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the fact that ANY parent – either mum or dad – deserves a break. Mums have it hard because generally speaking, the mums are typically the parent who spends more time physically looking after the kids and the home while the dads are at work. In this day and age though, a lot of the “normal” situations may look different. A lot of modern women have gone straight back to work after giving birth, and more and more stay-at-home dads are emerging, and not to mention the households with two mums or … Continue reading Mumcations for the Soul ❤